Our Classes

These are a few of the classes we offer.
More descriptions can be found by clicking on the class name on the schedule.

Pilates Essentials

This is a mixed equipment class utilising the Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Pilates Mat (not a yoga mat!) and props. Here we cover all the essential aspects of a Pilates practice. While this is the perfect place for beginners, seasoned Pilates practitioners will find plenty of challenge.

Intermediate Pilates

A progression of our Pilates Essentials class. In this mixed equipment class, we explore new exercises and more challenging variations on familiar ones. This class moves with a bit more flow, as participants are expected to know the familiar exercises and appropriate set up by name. Regardless of your fitness or Pilates experience, this class is for those who are already familiar with the Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Mat exercises.

Pregnancy Pilates

A class to keep you safely moving through pregnancy! Exercising during pregnancy is not just about modifying exercises. It’s important to work with a Perinatal Fitness specialist to ensure that the exercises you are doing are not only safe, but exactly what your pregnant body needs through each stage of pregnancy, birth an even recovery. These classes are led by fully qualified and specially trained Perinatal Pilates experts.

Postpartum Pilates

After 6 weeks, mothers are encouraged to “start back slowly”. But what does that mean?! Our Postpartum classes are conducted by specialists who know just how to help you recover from pregnancy and childbirth including c section recovery and Diastasis Recti. This class will help you come back stronger than ever! Non-crawling babies are welcome!