The Studio

The Pilates Playroom, in Knocknacarra, is Galway’s only fully equipped, purpose built Pilates studio.

Our studio is home to a fully qualified, friendly and attentive team who can help you find your best Pilates practice.

Bright and welcoming, The Pilates Playroom is located in Knocknacarra, a stone’s throw from Galway Golf Club. The Pilates Playroom is a safe space to begin or expand your Pilates practice. 

Our studio is equipped with beautiful, bespoke Pilates equipment, handmade by Arregon Pilates in Girona, Spain.

Booking can be easily done using our Mindbody Online booking system. Click here for the schedule.

Parking is available just outside the studio as well as in the downstairs carpark.

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” – JP

The Founder

My name is Lanette. I run The Pilates Playroom here in Knocknacarra, Galway. As a Master Teacher of the Classical Pilates Method, I’m dedicated to helping people discover how Pilates can make them feel stronger, healthier, and more free to move and live in their bodies.

With the Classical Pilates Method, I’m hoping to introduce people to a comprehensive system that is unlike anything else available in Galway. Over the years, I’ve trained and worked in lots of different places (including Chicago, London, and San Diego), but Galway is where I now call home. Come visit me and the team at our Knocknacarra studio — we’d love to see you!

Our Values

Focusing on strength: At The Pilates Playroom, we want to inspire our clients to embark on a journey toward a strength and vitality. We want to help our clients feel confident in their bodies regardless of their age or level of fitness.

Putting you first: We strive to offer a courteous, attentive and personalised service to all of our clients. From flexible scheduling to bespoke classes and lessons, we are a customer centred business.

Friendly atmosphere: We strive to create an inviting and social environment where everyone feels welcome.

Passion: We are fully qualified teachers who are dedicated to preserving the history and quality of the full Pilates Method. You will see and experience this dedication and passion in each and every class or lesson.