Matwork Teacher Training Course – Starting April 2023

Monday 03 April 2023

Matwork is the foundation of the Pilates Method. The Matwork was the original. The apparatus; Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, etc., were all invented to facilitate the Matwork. Our Matwork Teacher Training Course lays that foundation and connects the Matwork to the larger Pilates Method.

What will I learn?

Our Matwork Teacher Training Course includes a full repertoire of Mat exercises, the original 34 exercises from Return to Life as well as dozens of Mat exercises developed later in Joseph Pilates’s career.
As the Matwork is a part of the larger Pilates Method as a whole, we teach the Matwork as it relates to the other pieces of apparatus.
The Matwork is also improved by the use of smaller props. We’ll show you how to use these props in ways that facilitate the Matwork in the same ways as the larger apparatuses.

Is this for me?

This part-time course is for anyone looking to start a career as a Pilates Teacher.
Or anyone curious about becoming a Pilates teacher, but not ready to commit to the Comprehensive Course.
Or anyone wanting to learn more about Pilates and their own practice.

What will this involve?

This is a 200 hour, 6 months course.
5 Lecture weekends: Saturday and Sunday.
12 weekday workshops, some virtual, on a variety of topics including anatomy, designing classes/lessons and teaching techniques.
50 self practice hours.
35 observation hours.
35 practice teaching hours: group, private and semi-private.
Written, oral and practical exams.
This is a commitment of roughly 8-9 hours a week.

What will this cost?

This course costs €1500 plus lessons and materials.
Payment plans are available.

How do I apply?

If you are ready to begin your Pilates career, you can submit your expression of interest to us at

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